For Physicians

If you suspect a hearing issue in any one of your patients, we’re here to provide the diagnostics and hearing health treatment you recommend as part of his or her overall health care plan.

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Questions to Ask Your Patients:

  1. Do you frequently have trouble hearing in the presence of noisy environments?
  2. Do you often ask people to repeat what they have said?
  3. Do you feel like people are often mumbling?
  4. Do you isolate yourself in social settings because of problems understanding speech?
  5. Are you able to hear your cell phone or door bell ring?
  6. Do others say that you watch television or listen to the radio too loud?
  7. Do you find it easier to understand people much better if you are able to look at the person speaking to you, especially when in a crowded or noisy environment?
  8. Do you have ringing in your ears (often a side-effect of hearing loss)?

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