Hearing Loss Treatment

Did you know that there are over 36 million Americans suffering from hearing loss and yet no two cases are the same? Each case is unique and affects people differently based on one’s type and degree of hearing loss.

At Ears Hearing Health Care, we strive to help improve your quality of life through better hearing. We provide personalized, compassionate, comprehensive hearing testing and treatment to patients of all ages in Indio, California and the surrounding Palm Desert communities.

Through extensive hearing evaluations, we determine both the type and degree of your hearing loss, both crucial pieces of information required to find a solution to meet your unique needs.

Degrees of Hearing Loss

Another piece of the puzzle needed to properly diagnose and treat your hearing loss is determining its degree. This is conducted by measuring your hearing threshold (or the lowest volume in decibels (dB) at which you can hear sounds at varying pitches or frequencies). Your results will be placed on an audiogram and will help us develop a plan for treatment.They are broken down into the following categories:

  • With mild hearing loss soft sounds are difficult to hear, and understanding conversations in noisy environments is challenging.
  • When you have moderate hearing loss understanding speech becomes difficult, especially in the presence of background noise.
  • Sound clarity is significantly affected; normal speech is inaudible, conversations must be held at a loud volume with severe hearing loss.
  • Some very loud noises are heard, communication without hearing aids is no longer possible when you have profound hearing loss.

Through extensive testing, we will find the best solution to meet your hearing, budget, lifestyle and cosmetic needs.

If you suspect you’ve sustained hearing loss, schedule your appointment at Ears Hearing Health Care, serving patients in Indio, La Quinta and surrounding communities in the Palm Desert, California area.